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Point-of-Sale Software

WCTPOS® Easy to Use Point-of-Sale Software for all!


WCTPOS® is a feature-rich software-for-all solution from World Class Technologies with absolute control over sales, purchases and inventory while presenting an easy overall checkout; WCTPOS® presents a perfect solution for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) that include supermarkets, pharmacies & chemists, hardware stores, general shops/kiosks and other retail outlets of similar nature.

Small and medium enterprises have realized and expressed dire need for computerization to facilitate proper audit trail, ease of doing business, accountability & stock security. It is to this need that WCTPOS® comes in handy.

WCTPOS® Features

WCTPOS® is a Windows® based Point-of-Sale & Stock Control software that has computerized:

  • Stock Control with an easy to use stock master with product groupingspos
  • Automatic Stock Re-order Processing
  • Automatic Stock Valuation
  • Physical Stock Control
  • Point of Sale with receipt printing
  • Easy to use dynamic fast item(s) search with dynamic drop down lists
  • Cash & Credit sales
  • Sales returns & breakages/spoils management
  • Cash & Credit purchases
  • Purchases returns management
  • Sales & Purchase orders with automatic conversions to cash or credit sales/purchases respectively
  • Cashbook/Cash Control
  • Wide variety Date-range customized user friendly reports on Crystal Reports
  • Highly secured by passwords & user privileges granted by user profiles
  • Integrated with Barcode scanners
  • Integrated with leading Fiscal printers functionalities
  • Upgradeable to current/day-to-day technologies(Client assured of perpetual upgrades in line with the days technological advancements)
  • Highly adaptive and customizable
  • Product expiry dates
  • Designed & tailored for a real african business environment

Getting Started:

WCTPOS® Licences & Support :

Just buy your software CD or request for a downloadable package from us or from our authorized resellers; install, activate your license & use the software.