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Hotel Management System

WebHPro is a cloud-based property management solution designed specifically for the hospitality and hotel industry. It combines the functionality of traditional property management systems with the benefits offered through web-accessibility. WebHPro is an affordable option fitting a broad range of hospitality segments including hotels, inns, lodges, cabins, campgrounds, hostels, and vacation rentals.

Aside from frontdesk and property management, users will have the necessary tools to handle central reservations, housekeeping, and accounting within the WebHPro suite. The system makes it easy to advertise deals, set-up special rates, create packages, and reserve blocks of rooms for groups. The reports section analyzes reservation data and recognizes strong opportunities in the market.

One of the greater advantages to WebHPro is its ability to interface with many popular programs front-offices already use such as PayPal, Meridian, Guestfolio, and Aloha. This includes Expedia QuickConnect, Booking.com, TravelClick and others in the Global Distribution System.

It is Mac-friendly and will run on mobile devices and tablets like the iPad. For mobile features, they offer electronic signature capture, a mobile booking engine, and the ability to manage housekeeping reports.

We really like how quickly you can be up and running with WebHPro. Because it is deployed over a secure internet connection, you never have to worry about installing or upgrading software. WebHPro can provide management companies with a complete package from check-in to check-out.

WebHPro features include:

Calendar - The best interactive occupancy presentation available on the market. Variety of options and highly user-friendly layout provides you with instant access to all necessary reservation details. Featuring printable reservation schedule, custom colour codes and scaling, our calendar allows you to manage your system with no effort.

Customer Base -Easy-to-use comfortable guest management area. Store all contact information and guest reservation history in one place. Use special flags to mark regular and unwanted customers.

Reservations - Featuring highly intuitive interface and integrated bills, this swift guest check-in is a superior choice for your company.

Free Updates - Our reliable automatic updates system will constantly keep your software fresh completely for free.

Custom Reports Creator - Create custom reports, print them or export to .csv format

Room Base - Fully interactive system allowing you to effectively manage your rooms, organise them into groups, apply multiple rate types for a single stay and special pricing for different age ranges; Use advanced room list search option to quickly find desired room. Perfectly clear layout greatly enhances legibility of presented data.

User Access Rights - Top level security user management system with four access levels. Assign various roles and permissions to different users to maximise your security.

Reminders - This easy-to-set up reminders system will never let you forget when important guests arrive or payment is due.

Free Support - Highly qualified E-mail and phone support always ready to help you in urgent situations.

Customizable Reservation Fields - Add your own information to reservations such as guest departure date, gender or airport pickup request.