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I.T Training

I.t training

World Class Technologies Undertakes training in different IT fields for organizations, companies, focus groups and institutions. We can be contracted for any IT staff training

At World Class Technologies Ltd, we are also involved in consultation, training and service. Our range of lab, equipment and products allows us to meet most of the needs you may have. Most importantly, our highly qualified staff, experienced IT engineers take pride in giving shape to your unique ideas. Also here, we believe that our success depends on your satisfaction. We have proven this to our customers by serving them with quality and dedication as materialized in many sites throughout the country. Our Training solutions covered from technical training, soft-skills training, standard of procedure ICT training as well as other up-to-date seminars.

Benefits of Training with WCT

State-of-the-Art Labs

We have state-of-the art training labs to optimize the learning experience for our trainee/participants. Each trainee is provided with at least one multimedia workstation. PCs have duo core processors with 1-4 GB of RAM in a client server environment running windows 2012. Each classroom is an independent LAN with its own server(s) and access to the Internet. The labs are equipped with LCD projectors and white boards. The labs also have adjustable air conditioning and furnishing that provides most comfortable environment conducive to training.

Labs Available 7 Days a Week Labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants do not need to make an appointment to come in and do extra lab work. When the trainees complete a topic, the associated hands-on exercise will be given. Labs allow you to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks they would have learned. Help will be provided by our team and supplemented by “Coach Me” features for an animated simulation of how to accomplish the task. Customized Classes

At World Class Technologies, we adjust our curriculum to best meet the needs of our clients. We can emphasize topics most relevant to our clients and de-emphasize and / or skip other topics of less or no interest to them.

Mentoring Program

We advise our trainees throughout their entire program and after they complete the program to provide them with moral, as well as technical support on how to prepare for the exams and the new careers. We encourage trainees to form study groups and we monitor such groups. We provide the trainees with one-on-one interviews with the instructors or other staff to assist them along the way. Our trainees become part of a family and meet with our alumni to share ideas and learn about the career that awaits them. We remain in constant communication with our trainees to monitor their progress along the way. Most of our trainees come back to continue with other academic courses and certification programs.

Training Methods

The Instructors will conduct training needs assessment and analysis to identify specific areas that need to be addressed, the skill levels of the trainees, and works schedules. Packaged Training will then be organized to meet the needs of your organization.

  • A flexible training program is conducted during daytime, evening, and on weekends.
  • The training is instructor led with hands-on labs. Self-paced, multimedia-training applications are installed in the labs. Furthermore, E-learning CDs and evaluation software are distributed free of charge to students.
  • The training manuals used are based on the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC).
  • Free exam reviews are provided
  • At the end of the training, a certificate of attendance is provided. A trainee upon sitting and passing a certification exam receives the official certificate from Microsoft.

Competitive Pricing

World Class Technologies offers the most competitive pricing for great value to the clients. We recognize the need to build a formidable technical personnel and administrative personnel in Uganda.