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The API allows our customers and clients to easily and conveniently integrate our messaging services into their application or website. Turn your application into a fully functioning messaging platform with just a few lines of code. The SMS API is available in all programming languages and our innovative team keeps making it even better every new day.

Features of the WCTSMS™ API

Account Management
Track your spending, account balances, sent messages, etc. from your application.

Message Reporting
Receive reports on your messages and their delivery rates via the WCT SMS API.

Contact Management
You can access and manage your Contacts list via our API, straight from your application.

Inbound Messages
Directly access replies to your messages via our API. You can retrieve and inbox your message inbox in different formats: JSON, XML, etc.

Scheduled Messaging
Schedule messages to be sent, cancel and edit message schedules straight from your application or website.

Multimedia Messaging
Integrate the WCTsms™ API into your application to send rich messages with images, documents, videos, etc.

Send to Individuals or Groups
Send SMS'es to individuals or groups efficiently from you application. Access delivery receipts straight from your application.