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IT Master Planning

Align Technology with Goals

Your technology is the foundation for your organization. It’s how you run things. It’s how you do things. And it’s a significant part of how you achieve your goals.

Something as important as your technology requires not just exceptional day-to-day support, but exceptional planning for the long-term.

Plan for the Future

Strategic Planning

We help walk your organization through every step of building a strategic IT plan. From assessing your current network to gathering input from end users to building budget-minded priorities, a strategic IT plan will help you see where you are and how to get where you want to go.

Disaster Recover & Business Continuity Planning

Our experts help you select the right backup solution, document your disaster recovery plan and put a business continuity plan in place, to ensure your business survives in the midst of catastrophe.

Build Your Business to Withstand the Worst

Disasters (both natural and manmade) can happen at any time. That’s why it’s critical to your organization’s survival to have a total backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Whether an old server goes offline for good or a natural disaster hits, having both disaster recovery, business continuity and the ability to recover files quickly is crucial.

We offer comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning services to ensure your business has a suitable and effective disaster recovery plan in place, specifically tailored to your business needs.

Strategic IT Assessments

Areas we focus on while carrying out IT Strategic Planning

  • Promoting effective management of an expensive and critical asset of the organization/ company.
  • Improving communication between the fiscal and IT units of the organization/ company.
  • Helping to align or even link the direction of IT to the business functions of the organization.
  • Improving the flow of internal information and processes within the IT division.
  • Helping to efficiently and effectively allocate IT resources across the organisation.
  • Tending to reduce the time and expense of IT life cycles, particularly in terms of vendor review, selection, approval, and implementation.

A ten-step Strategic Planning process adopted by WCT include;

  • Identify and agree upon a strategic planning process.
  • Identify organizational mandates.
  • Clarify organizational mission and values.
  • Assess the organization’s external and internal environments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Identify the strategic issues facing the organization.
  • Formulate strategies to manage these issues.
  • Review and adopt the strategic plan or plans.
  • Establish an effective organizational vision.
  • Develop an effective implementation process.
  • Reassess strategies and the strategic planning process.

With your goals in mind, we help:

  • Identify gaps in technology
  • Recommend areas for increasing your organization’s productivity
  • Evaluate policies and procedures
  • Review how IT services are delivered to end users