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Market Focus


Medical and healthcare firms maintain important data. Losing crucial documents to hardware failure would be a devastating setback that can cause numerous problems in the future. Our data center will make sure that patient records and other valuable information are in a secure environment.


Many non-profit organizations have IT needs to further their endeavors. World Class Technologies offers Web designing, hosting and e-mail services, desktops and servers, IT Support, Data backup, Network security, Networking (Wireless & Cable) as well as other basic fundamental features.


Any work for the government is honorable work. We protect against hackers, spyware, Trojans, and other system-destroying threats. We offer proactive monitoring and troubleshooting that will keep systems running with little to no downtime.

Financial Institutions

PCI compliance deserves a mention here. A stable and very secure network is required for PCI. Using our secure servers and network devices, PCI compliance will be easier than ever before.


World Class Technologies can assist in making sure that transportation technology remains intact. Train stations and airports are a large part of conveyance, and proactive monitoring and troubleshooting play a critical part in avoiding unexpected downtime. The last thing we want is inconvenience due to a technological difficulty.


POS (Point Of Sales) systems can be an asset to retail companies. Having the support available to keep business functioning is our number one priority. We take care of any technical issues with software or the network.


Whether it is automating incoming and outgoing products, billing and re-ordering of merchandise, or just simply keeping inventory, World Class Technologies has the tools for the job. Our solutions will allow the business to be run more smoothly.